Company Name:
: Technical Consultant
Location : 300 East
Ave Chandler Plaza Lansing, MI 48933
Duration: 6 months

Upgrade to FileMaker version 12/13 Conversion
Freeze production
Run files through our conversion tool
Troubleshoot pre-conversion issues
Convert the files
Test for corruption
Review conversion log
Make further changes (as necessary) in pre-conversion files
Convert the files again (if step 6 is completed)
Review conversion log (if steps 6 and 7 are completed)
Serve files in a test environment
Make post conversion changes (including, but not limited to: changing of account names, organizing relationship graphs, making file references relative when possible, fixing window control and navigation issues, adjusting printout margins as necessary, verify and adjust functionality as needed by doing side by side testing)
Begin navigation testing using testing documentation (if available) as a guideline
Fix issues found during navigation testing
Begin second round of testing
Make second round of fixes
Confirm all issues have been addressed
17. Create clones of the finished files Deployment
Create a checklist of file information
Review server settings
Run a copy of the FileMaker 5/6 production files through our conversion tool
Convert production files
Review conversion log
Test for corruption
Make any last minute adjustments as noted during production freeze and testing on the clones
Rename converted production files with a "_DATA" suffix or put them in a separate "DATA" folder
Import data from newly converted files into the clones (using multiple workstations if possible)
Complete all tasks in the conversion widget (if needed) using imported conversion tool data
Test for corruption
Serve the newly converted solution
Test newly converted solution
Make any adjustments as necessary in backup (from #12 above) and test files
Place a clean copy of the final solution in place.
Go live DELIVERABLES: Deliverables will not be considered complete until the Agency & DTMB Project Managers have formally accepted them. Deliverables for this project include: Completion of tasks for section A, B and C of the SOW above Documentation for Upgrade to Filemaker Level 12/13 Implementation of the Upgrade to level 12/13

o The work performed within section A is accepted as complete by LARA Project
and DTMB Project Manager.
o The writeup for section B is clearly written, understood, and accepted as complete by LARA and DTMB.
o The upgrade to Filemaker 12/13 is complete and implemented in production as approved by Agency & DTMB managers.

Skills Required: Bachelors degree or 7-10 years IT experience with Filemaker leadership or managment experience

Experience Required : experience in Filemaker upgrades experience in Filemaker development

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